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Where Have All the Shareholder Perks Gone?

Shareholder perks used to be everywhere. Wrigley investors would receive packs of gum every November. Disney shareholders were granted free membership into the discount-flinging Magic Kingdom Club. Pixar sent out artwork. Rainforest Cafe mailed out vouchers to move to the head of long lines at its themed restaurants. Cedar Fair would offer buy one get one amusement park admissions and lodging discounts. Ah, those were the days.

What became of the hundreds of companies offering investors something a little extra in exchange for their loyalty? Many of the companies were acquired. However, many simply scaled back their programs. Were they too cumbersome to manage? This is certaintly possible, though usually the perks resulted in incremental sales or shareholders spreading the work as worthy ambassadors. Did the pool of investors simply get too big? There are more individual investors out there, but that in of itself doesn't seem like a good reason.

The upside here is that there are still some companies rewarding buy-and-hold investing by continuing to treat investors to ownership benefits. Obviously the greater perks are capital appreciation and dividends, but perks still create a bond between company and stockholder. This site is dedicated to highlighting the companies still offering perks -- and encourage more companies back into the fold.

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